What Are The Types Of Paints That You Will Come Across In Life

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While paints can be used for many purposes in life, the first thing that comes to the mind of any individual would be the painting of a house, furniture or other simple things. However, you must keep in mind that these are not the only ways that paint can be used for. In fact, paint can first be categorized in several types. Once they have been divided into types, you will be able to understand and the various uses of them. Following are the different types of paints that you are likely to come across in life.


One of the most common types of paints that you are highly likely to come across is acrylic flat. Although the term may not be all that familiar, this is the type that you will find yourself using for the purpose of painting walls and ceilings. A basic description of this type can be described as a type that is washable, sheen and one that is slightly chalky. However, if you are ever in need of sending it off, you could always make use of soap and water for the purpose of cleaning and thinning can be done using floetrol.


Just like acrylics flat paints, this type, known as acrylic eggshell too is known to be useful for the purpose of painting ceilings and walls. If you contact high rise painting contractors, they will surely make use of either one of these types for the purpose of painting your house. The cleaning process is the absolute same method that can be used as acrylic flat. However, this can be described as one that contains a slight sheen, matte finish and is more washable than the previous one.


Just as the name suggests, acrylic satin abseiling painting will ensure that wherever you apply it, the finish will become as satin as you expect it to be. Not only that, the outcome will be slightly glossy and will be more durable than the rest. Therefore, cleaning it out will require soap and water as well as floetrol for the purpose of thinning as the previous ones. However, it is not only ceilings and walls that this can be used on, but on woodwork as well, due to the satin nature of it.


Just as the name suggests, this very type of paint will ensure that wherever you apply it, it will obtain a glossy finish, not only that, there will be a slight glare that comes through the walls that it has been applied on, Therefore, it can also be used for special purposes as well.

Which type of paint are you fonder of?